Floating Docks

Searching for Fast & Affordable Floating Dock Installation Near Camden, SC?

Floating Docks adjust to the changing lake levels. A big benefit of having a floating dock is that if the lake is your second home and rainfall raises the lake’s water level while you are away, a boat tied to the floater does not put stress on the dock as it floats.

There are several options available for our customers to stabilize the floating dock to the lake bed. We typically use a dual-hinge system to add redundancy to the ramp’s reliability.

Docks & Decks offers floating docks that use black encapsulated floatation and reinforced corners. We also double the outside bands in addition to bolting them together. No matter which method of stabilization you chose to use, Atkinson Construction will furnish you with a dock that will add hours of enjoyment on each trip to your lake.

A very popular option is a fixed and floating combination dock. Atkinson Construction will personally discuss various options with you, keeping in mind the lot’s topography and your needs to create your ideal combination dock. Give us a call to get started today.