Fixed Docks

Are You Looking for Reliable Fixed Dock Installation Near Camden, SC?

As the name suggests, Fixed Docks have no floating section, so the dock’s height above water is not determined by the lake’s water level, which will vary with rainfall. One of the advantages to having a fixed dock is that it is able to provide a stable area perfect for fishing or simply relaxing, regardless of the lake’s level of calmness.

Fixed Docks can have handrails or walkways that are simple or complex depending on your needs. It is quite popular to have a combination fixed walkway connecting to a floating section for easy access to the lake.

Combination Docks combine the benefits of fixed and floating sections. Customers often add a covered sitting area on the fixed section of the dock for shade and protection from rainfall. Atkinson Construction can modify a sitting area using a very basic design, or arrange a heavily customized layout depending on your personal preferences.

If you have any questions regarding our sales, installation, or repair services for fixed docks and boathouses, we invite you to reach out to us today.